How Tax-Turbo Works

How Tax-Turbo Works

How Tax-Turbo Works

No one enjoys filing their taxes. But with our innovative business model, we hope to make the experience as painless as possible:

  • A Match Made in Tax Heaven. Taking into consideration the complexity of your tax returns, we match you to the best possible accountant for your needs. No more overpaying for unnecessary qualifications or worse, ending up with an accountant who is grossly unqualified for what you need to be done.

  • Seamless online communication. All of your communication with your accountant will take place through our proprietary online messaging system. Plus, our system will send you automated updates throughout the process whenever an important milestone has been reached.

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About Tax-Turbo
Tax-Turbo is for taxpayers that simply want the best for their money with the least hassle. Good accountants are hard to find. And DIY tax software can be confusing and can’t answer your questions. Tax-Turbo matches you with a pre-screened, expert accountant. Your tax return will be prepared, maximized for deductions, and filed. And it’s entirely remote with 1-on-1 service. All for an upfront flat rate without extra fees or upcharges.

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