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Prices are tailored to fit each client’s individual needs according to their budget. Pricing is affordable and varies depending on the complexity of the tax return. Prices start at $100.00 for most returns.

Our Discounts:

  1. Senior Discounts
  2. Veteran Discounts
  3. Military Discounts
  4. Referral Discounts
  5. Seasonal Discounts
  6. Referral Discounts
  7. Teacher Discounts
  8. Student Discounts
  9. Loyalty Customer Discounts

Once I have the details of a full assignment, The client will receive a proposal via email and/or text message which includes full work scope and the overall total estimate for services. Download our secure approved IRS mobile App to your apple or android device. The entire tax preparation process can be done online and via the secured app. We are in contact with the client on a daily basis via email and phone. You are always in direct contact with the Enrolled Agent or CPA preparing your tax return. Detailed instructions are provided through out the process. Tax documents are passed back and forth through your private secure portal. The final work product is presented once the final payment or balance is paid in full. Clients are able to track the details of their project and work completion via the customer management app. We’re dedicated to our clients and staying current on confusing new tax laws. We’re always ready for the toughest situations.

Over 15 years of experience in income tax preparation. Authorized E-file Provider, Itemized Deductions, W-2, Self-Employed-1099. Rapid Refund- $6,500 Cash Advance option available.

Working with customers to maximize their refund and find all deductions is our number one priority.

I pride myself on being flexible & diligent with my work. Recently I had the privilege of working with clients in USA who needed my assistance. I received the details and completed the task within 72 hours of the assignment from an on-going issue they were unable to get resolved for 1 month with their previous accountant. The previous accountant lived within an hour of them. I was able to resolve their issue being a few states away in a shorter amount of time. They were pleased with my prompt response, timing, and level of professionalism throughout the project. Most taxes can be done in person or remotely. Specializing in current and prior year tax returns , extensions, and amendments.

Individuals, small business and large business owners. I work with a variety of individuals and businesses nationally about personal and business matters regarding state, local, and federal taxation laws. Individual Returns, Self-Employed, Small Business Returns, LLC’s, Partnerships

Ensure you are consulting with a trained and licensed professional. Be sure to disclose important details and facts pertinent to your case to make it easier to resolve your issues. Make sure your tax preparer is a certified e-file provider.

Social Security Card: For Taxpayer(s) and Dependents -Photo ID: For Taxpayer(s) Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, Green Card) -All Income Documents: Copy of Last Year’s Tax Return(Form 1040), Employer (W2), Self-Employment (1099-MISC, Schedule C), Social Security (SSA-1040)/Retirement, Dividends (1099-DIV), Stock or Mutual Fund sale (1099-INT), Rental Property*(Schedule E), Unemployment(1099-G). -Health Insurance Verification: For Taxpayer(s) and Dependents -Expense Documents: To Support Filing (1098-Mortgage Interest Statement, Child/Adult Care, Charitable Contribution Statements, ,etc.) Customers should think about their budget and the results they are trying to achieve. There is no cheap fix when it comes to REAL RESULTS! The tax professional should be able to provide an accurate estimate of their fees before preparing the tax return. There should be no surprises or sticker shock when the bill comes due. Their price should be comparable to the going rate for that area.

Again any Tax return that has adequate preparation done on it through the year will have a turnaround time of five business days, and in many cases while patrons are waiting in our lobby. For anyone wanting free counseling on keeping their Tax return ready through the year, advice is free with all our services.

With any tax return the preparation done through the year makes a great deal of difference. Bringing an entire year worth of receipts that is not up to date on April 15th of any tax year requires a Tax Extension. However, with any business with adequate preparation through the year and proper bookkeeping, that business can rest assured a timely return. 

Yes, we do offer Rapid Refund Advantage. The average wait time is 24 Hour to 5 business days.

Our costs are based on forms completed, and vary a great deal. We are very reasonable. In most cases cost is well below competitors prices. 

Tips for Choosing Tax Prep Services Providers

What is a Tax Prep Service Provider?

Taxes can be one of the most stressful requirements out there for many people. Dealing with all of the rules, regulations, and requirements can seem like an awful lot. What should you account for? Are you following all the rules? Is there a way you can save more money and pay less taxes? All of these questions and more are the reason people often use services specially designed to help them prepare their taxes.

However, once the decision has been made to go with a tax prep service, you will quickly see that there are many options out there. There are professionals who offer their services, as well as many online services to assist you. How do you make this difficult choice? That’s the question that this article will help you answer. We will outline several options for tax preparation, and give you some factors that will be helpful in making your choice.

Types of Tax Preparers

Tax preparers can be grouped broadly into two categories – professionals and online services.

Professional tax preparers are people you can hire to assist you with your taxes. These can range from lawyers, to certified accountants, to others who are experienced and offer this service. There are a wide range of companies and people who offer tax preparations service. Generally speaking, the more complex tax training that they have undergone (such as with lawyers and accountants), the more thorough services you can expect.

Tax software is also available which can be helpful in simplifying the tax process for you. Often, this software greatly simplifies the tax process by outlining where to put which figures, and prepares your tax return based on your inputs. These tend to be a lot less expensive than hiring a professional, but often require more work and preparation on your end.

Choosing between all these options can be a difficult task. Next, we will provide a list of factors that you might want to consider when deciding how you want to prepare your taxes.

How to Decide on a Tax Prep Service Provider

This section will outline some crucial factors that you may want to consider when deciding on a tax prep service provider. There are many variables you can consider, but they should all be based on a thorough understanding of your own needs.

Extent of Your Needs

The first thing you should do in choosing a tax prep service provider is to evaluate your own needs. You should know what kind of services you are looking for, and how extensive you want this tax prep to be. Service providers can go from simply preparing your year-end tax return, to essentially acting as a financial advisor. There are many ongoing things you can do that will effect your taxes, so you should be aware of these to determine the extent of the service you are looking for. If you are looking more on the financial advisory side of things, you will likely require someone who can adapt to your personal situation, such as a tax professional, a CPA, or a tax lawyer. If you simply need help with a year end return, you might find that tax software does the job fine.

Complexity of Your Needs

Some individuals will simply have more complex tax needs than others, and will therefore require more individualized tax help. If you own a business, you will likely have more complex needs than if you are a salaried employee. Someone with these more complex needs will likely benefit much more from a tax professional, as there is more potential money to be saved, and more risk of improperly following tax guidelines.


Of course, a big factor in this decision is the cost. As you might imagine, the more specialized you want your service to be, the more you can probably expect to pay for it. A tax professional such as a CPA or tax lawyer will cost you more than using a tax software. However, depending on your needs, it might be worth it for the extra level of tailored service provided. This is why it is so important to evaluate your needs before beginning this decision-making process, to see if they are worth justifying the additional cost.

Do Your Research

A very important piece of advice for selecting a tax prep service provider is to do your research. This means not only research on the type of service provider, but on the one that you actually choose. Go with referrals if you can, ask friends or colleagues if there is anyone they can recommend. There are many companies, people, and software offerings that claim to be the best, and it really takes some digging to make the best decision.

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