How Credit Repair Works

How Credit Repair Works

How Credit Repair Works


A dispute letter asks the credit bureaus for proof of information that would be difficult to obtain or uncover. This makes the verification process difficult for them. The letter itself is based on their responsibility to report only verified information. Hence, credit repair can help in the removal of unsubstantial or uncredited information on a consumer’s credit report.


On the contrary, if the information is found to be accurate or verified by the creditor, it will be added back to the consumer’s file. Even if the information is deleted, you are still obligated to pay any legitimate debts that you owe. Information found to be true will remain part of the credit report. In fact under section 609 of FCRA, the consumer can request disclosure of the information in their credit file.


When writing a dispute letter to the credit bureaus, there is specific verbiage that you need to use. Items such as birth certificate, driver’s license, bills, etc. will suffice for proof of identity.

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